Kids sports photos in Rockville, MD

So much fun watching my kid play basketball over the weekend. It seems like every week he is gaining more and more skills. At this game he had 6 steals. Every time he does something amazing tears well up in my eyes I am so happy for him and proud. I'm that mom.  He is the youngest on his team.  The team is 1st-4th grade and he is a 1st grader.  He is by far the smallest, with some kids probably weighing twice as much as he does and 18 inches taller.  But he is scrappy.  And determined.  And he has no fear.  As a mom that is sometimes hard to watch (your kid having no fear), but it is part of what makes him an amazing athlete.  He is still working on making baskets during the game, but his defense and hustle are on point.  I am so proud to be his mom and I am so happy to see him really sticking with something that he is passionate about.