Family Weekend Getaway

We are lucky enough to be able to borrow a family member's cabin in the woods a few times a year and we LOVE it!  It is only about a bit over an hour to drive there and it is just so relaxing- to hang out in the middle of nowhere doing nothing.  Kids and parents both love the downtime and we love taking just a few days to not have a schedule for anything.  I do always bring my camera, but usually take more formal images of the kids outside- trying to highlight the season. But this time I decided to have a more lifestyle approach and just be present- and be a witness.  And I have to say I LOVE these just as much as the few we created as their formal Easter pictures.  While I do always bring my camera and a few lenses along on trips, I rarely have it out to capture the everyday- and I would like to do more of it!  Being a professional photographer in Maryland is fabulous because we get to experience each and every season.  And my kids love remembering happy experiences through photographs too!

Maryland vacation photographer 4.jpg
Maryland vacation photographer 5.jpg
Maryland vacation photographer 6.jpg
Rockville child photographer.jpg
Maryland vacation photographer 8.jpg
Maryland vacation photographer 9.jpg
Maryland vacation photographer 10.jpg
Gaithersburg child photographer.jpg
Potomac child photographer.jpg